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Creative Director / Graphic Designer

Some graphic designers are purely decorative. They play with color and layouts until they have a “pleasing arrangement” and then they are done. I don’t work that way. I always start by identifying the key qualities that best define your product or service along with the image that is appropriate and helpful to you. For example, a brochure design for a bank should not look or feel like a sales brochure for a cosmetic line. So the first step for me is to THINK. I don’t use templates. I start from scratch with each project. Before I begin designing on my computer, I think about what is unique and special about your particular company. How do I distinguish you from the competition? What would I do to promote your company if it were mine?

My Team

A Proven Selection of Creative Associates. With over 25 years experience as a graphic designer, I have formed strong working relationships with many independent photographers, illustrators, copywriters and printers.

Since these individuals are not under my employ, they are not part of my overhead so you never pay for services you don’t require. And because I have a long working history with each of these talents, you have the availability of any of these creatives without the responsibility of finding and hiring them yourself. I know just the right photographer, illustrator, copywriter, printer and web expert to choose for your specific job. With the years of experience we have established in working well together, we will give your brochure design or promotion a clean, pure look that is seamless and notably impressive.


  • Product photos, table top shoots
  • Editorial shots – people, portraits
  • Architectural – location and facility shoots, real estate photography


  • Watercolor
  • Line art
  • Spot illustration
  • Illustrative patterns and backgrounds


  • Brochure or catalog text writing
  • Advertising copy
  • Press releases
  • Newsletter writing


  • Short press runs for flyers & mailers
  • Large economical press runs
  • Banners, signage and trade show graphics
  • Packaging and Labels
  • Stationary printing and design
  • Business card printing and design
  • Postcard printing and design

Website Technicians

  • Website design
  • Mini sites and landing pages for special promotions