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Allergan Postcard

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Direct mail campaigns are like billboards that need to communicate boldly and quickly. See my portfolio of direct mail graphic designs for travel, real estate, product, and other campaigns. If you are interested in a direct mail designer that specializes in: advertising, marketing, every door, postcards, product sales, fundraising, automotive, home improvement, or real estate both U.S. and International; I am the person for the job.

Types of Direct Mail

Direct mail allows you to connect with loyal customers and potential clients by sending letters and other forms of advertising through traditional mail services. Sending direct mail is possible with traditional letters, stickers and even postcards to showcase your brand, give discounts and even provide freebies to those who are newly-informed of your company.

Advantages of Direct Mail Advertising

Direct mail advertising is a way to connect with customers on a personal level while gaining traction with locals, especially ideal for smaller and growing businesses. Direct mail offers the advantage of reaching customers based on location and in some cases, even age range, gender and interests based on the target market you want to appeal to with your brand.

Utilizing a Professional Designer with Direct Mail Campaigns

Hiring a professional graphic designer to assist with direct mail campaigns is essential to create a visual design that is appealing and memorable to those you are targeting. Professional designers are aware of how to reach specific demographics and target markets once you have delivered the specific requirements of your direct mail campaign.

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